Beautiful Death

"You are the beautiful lie and I'm the painful truth."

Death isn't meant to be beautiful or sugar coated. It is meant to be the only certain thing in your life. You will die whether you are a vampire or a dragon or a ghost or a reaper. In the end you have to die.

They come in pretty packages. But that's because they are swallow like humans. Sometimes they smile, sometimes they feel, sometimes they cry. But they always kill.

Some do it because they have to. Some fight it. Most embrace it with a smile.

They are all monsters or on their way there. They are beautiful monsters. Do not be fooled by their sweet smiles and kind words or tiny bodies. They are all killers and in the end they will kill you.

It's how God designed them.

Indie rp blog, OCs, multi character, multi ship. Muses and mun are of age or have bodies of age. nsfw and trigging on this blog, I try my hardest to tag it all

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Not Fit To Clean ||Closed||


"Oh." Her eyes widened with surprise for a moment before remembering that he was, indeed a doctor. She supposed it made a bit of sense for him to want to examine her. "Of course, my Lord. Follow me."

She tucked her arm through the handles of the basket in which she carried his laundry and led him through the door. They walked down the hallway at a brisk pace before she veered to the left suddenly, ducking into a side passageway that was only used by the staff. They descended a flight of dark and narrow steps, Liatris’ head swimming uncomfortably again, before alighting on the cold stone floor of the servant’s wing.

"She’s just in here." She said in  hushed tone. She could head the cook chattering with one of the stable boys in the kitchen and she would prefer they not be made aware of the Master’s presence in their domain. The cook was a large crass man who would surely end up with his foot in his mouth. 

Liatris pushed open the creaky wooden door that led to Natasha’s room. She was laid up in bed, her blankets pushed off to the side and a basin of lukewarm water on the table next to her. A damp and clammy rag rested on her forehead. She was asleep, but she stirred when they came in. Liatris swallowed thickly. She looked even worse than she had this morning. Suddenly Liatris’ dizzy spells that she had written off earlier were worrisome to her. Would she end up like this?

He wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to call him my Lord. He was okay with being called Dr. Ruxton or even Mr. Ruxton. But the idea of being a lord always rubbed him a wrong way. Something his father always said to get over. And surprisingly he had yet to get used to it.

Following after Liatris, he pulled his shirt on. Nodded at the other servants as they passed them. He didn’t often go down to the servants wings. He came down once or a while to check to make sure that the everything was in top shape and that everything was working order. But it was a rare sight. And it was a part of the house that he didn’t now that well. He had always thought he would be different from his parents and that he would know ever part of his house. But that’s not how it went.

Stepping int the room, Ewan tried not to make a face at the conditions. He had been in worse places. Kneeling beside the bed, he realized he hadn’t brought his tools down with him. “Liatris, can you have someone fetch my bag? It’s in my study.” He peered down at Natasha, she didn’t look like she was strong enough to talk or hold a conversation. He turned his attention back to his maid, “When did you notice that she was getting sick?” 

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Not Keegan ||Closed||


At Jude’s response, Ahmed chuckled. His amusement was quickly replaced with interest as he was distracted in watching the way Jude’s lips wrapped around the lip of the bottle—
The writer was snapped out of his trance at the new question, and after a blink he actually caught on to what had been said.

This, he felt, would be fun.


"Alright, let’s see." This time he wasn’t shy about looking Jude over, taking in the sight of the man with a full-body scan. "You’re confident. Made clear to me by how you approached—sure that if you offered compliments and booze, you’d get a prize in return."

A pause for thought.
"You’re used to getting what you want. Otherwise you wouldn’t have sat down so soon, nor ordered me a second before I ever answered any decent questions." As if to show this, Ahmed raised the bottle, the neck of which he kept held between the pads of his thumb, index, and middle fingers.

"You’re also attentive." He added. "You must have noticed how lonely I looked over here, and you decided to change that." Slowly, a smile spread on his features—
"Or you just appreciate my good looks and thought you’d come over for a better view."

He moved on the stool so that he was facing the other, and opened his arms wide like he was laying himself out for Ahmed. His face was schooled into wary amusement as he listened to what the other thought of him. He was pretty good at this. He had meant detectives and proflier who hadn’t even come close to guessing the things that Ahmed had. He was impressed.

He chuckled, “Maybe it’s because you lured me here with your good looks.” He said like that summed up ever point that the other made. He moved closer to the other, smile still in place, as his brown and green eyes remained on Ahmed’s face. “Maybe you noticed me when you walked into the bar and had been sitting here sending me looks and signals. Waiting for me to come over here. I mean you’d get a free drink out of it and a pretty face to look at.” He paused when his face was inches away from the other, his eyes flicker to Ahmed’s lips before he pulled away.

He down the rest of his beer. “But no, you were mostly spot on. Which is a compliment. Not many people can read me.” He waves for another beer before looking back to the man beside him. “Now that I’m having fun with this, make a back story for me.”

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i’m not B) #bachelor life

*raises glass of what looks like whiskey but is actually apple juice* free bitches man!

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[Points at you — maniacal laugher]

*pouts at you* rude~

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i feel this on a spiritual level

well good morning to you too darling
i hope you’re not doing anything today and can catch up on your sleep.

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nearly six in the morning and I’m still awake
why do you hate me body? 

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                                                                                       It’s killing you.
                                                                                       People keep getting hurt
                                        and you just can’t stop it.

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Trying to sleep.
But I’m feeling anxious and I don’t like it.

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Cancer want to create a sanctuary that is home for the two of you
Scorpio want to create an ephemeral invisible world that is home for the two of you
Pisces want to bring you ‘home’*