Beautiful Death

"You are the beautiful lie and I'm the painful truth."

Death isn't meant to be beautiful or sugar coated. It is meant to be the only certain thing in your life. You will die whether you are a vampire or a dragon or a ghost or a reaper. In the end you have to die.

They come in pretty packages. But that's because they are swallow like humans. Sometimes they smile, sometimes they feel, sometimes they cry. But they always kill.

Some do it because they have to. Some fight it. Most embrace it with a smile.

They are all monsters in their way there. They are beautiful monsters. Do not be fooled by their sweet smiles and kind words or tiny bodies. They are all killers and in the end they will kill you.

It's how God designed them.

Indie rp blog, OCs, multi character, multi ship. Muses and mun are of age or have bodies of age. nsfw and trigging on this blog, I try my hardest to tag it all

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- I’m going to find my father.
- What will you do when you find your father?
- I’m going to kill him.
Ned Rifle | Hal Hartley, 2015

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There’s pron on my dash and now Sage is horny so I’m gonna go.

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Jennette in black and white

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thegrimsoldier: He knew it wasnt true, of course Cygnus didnt hate him. Perhaps he hated the way he felt around Seth- he could understand that. He understood because he felt it too. A weird mixture of vulnerability and bravery. "I hate you too," Seth teased before kissed the trail of liquid that tears had left down Cygnus' cheeks, smiling softly once their foreheads met. "Believe me Cygnus," his voice quiet but sure, "you can believe me. Trust me. I'm not going anywhere, okay? I'm right here. I'm right here."

Some days he wished he hated Seth. But it was hard. He had tried. The minute that he started to feel that tug and ache in his chest, he tried to hate Seth. But the reaper was so kind and sweet and he wanted him, he loved him. How can you hate someone who spends most of their time talking about how wonderful you are.

He laughed when Seth echoed back his word. They both knew what word should really be there instead of hate, but neither of them were going to be the first to say it. He swallowed hard, looking up into his eyes. “Do you promise? Cause I don’t think I could handle losing you too.”


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Both Sage and Cygnus are such whores and I can just image them sitting talking about the different people they fucked, if they were any good and if the other should fuck them.

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……I have to go shower cause I’m going to taco bell so I might be on as I’m getting dressed and stuff, but I’ll probably be gone for an hour or so~

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Psa- Blog Under Construction


So this isn’t a hiatus, nor a semi hiatus. I am merely trying to get this blog more organized and to do so, I think I will have to lessen the amount of time I spend on here. I will still probably have it open in a different window and I’ll probably be lurking around. So don’t think I’ll be disappearing on you.

I’ll probably be hopping from Mubeenaa to Danny. I will still have a queue running and I’ll put replies that I do it in. These are my other blogs that you can find me at and if you want to always be abel to find me hit me up for my skype.

Thanks for putting up with me, this should only last a week or two at the most.

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Supernatural Therapy Session ||Closed||

He didn’t understand how his father found places like this. A group therapy session for supernatural beings. It was foolish and he was an adult now and shouldn’t have to be forced to go to these stupid things. But he was here, and there was coffee. He was kind of more interested in the apple juice but he didn’t want to be seen as a pussy.

Everyone was milling around kind of not wanting to talk to anyone and waiting for someone to lead them or something. Cygnus was thinking about stepping forward and leading them to the nearest fast food place. This was just like normal therapy and it was depressing and terrible. Glancing around the room he took a sip of his coffee wanting to be anywhere but here.

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Sage Relationships

(unlike Drake Sage doesn’t have a lot of relationships, so I will be keeping the old ones that aren’t active anymore, but I won’t be tagging them)

  • Amar
  • Jake
  • Raziel
  • Jim
  • Jonah (not active)
  • Seamus (not active)
  • Nye (not active)

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thegrimsoldier: Seth chuckled, he didn't think he was making a big deal out of small things. For a man who has hardly ever had anything, having Cygnus to be there was a massive thing. Kissing the others lips slowly; the hand on the side of his face slipped up to get lost in his hair. "You're wrong," he whispered against his lips, opening his eyes and moving back to look at Cygnus' face, "you're irreplaceable," he repeated, " and you're beautiful... and you shouldn't argue with a man who's stronger than you."

At the soft lips pressing on his own he moved closer to Seth. He loved kissing Seth. Because it was always different, sometimes it was harsh and needy other times it was slow and thought. But each time he was reminded that Seth wanted him and it made his chest tight and warmth spread through him and he wanted to cry.

Forgetting the book in his lap his hand came up to Seth’s neck and he held him close, making a noise of protest when he pulled away. His eyes open slowly and he blinked at the reaper a tear falling from his eyes, “You can’t continue saying foolish things like that. One day I might believe you and then you’ll leave me.” Resting his forehead on Seth’s he smiled softly like a fool, “I hate you.” He muttered with no conviction.


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Okay I’m going to work on Sage’s relationship page and another one of Fay’s verse thingy and drafts.

Who wants to be on Sage’s relationship page?

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perfect, Kuroo:3

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"They can hypnotise people? Really? With their eyes or do they have a swingy thingy?" he asked. His grin faded slightly as she asked about the ‘temperature thing’, then disappeared completely. It was… normal? All this time and it was normal? He’d always thought it was something out of his control because no matter how hard he tried, he could never stop hurting people. “T-temp… temp…? You can help? I’ve… I’ve burned people… and all this time I was supposed to know I could control that? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me? How come I’m only now learning this? Do you know how many people I’ve hurt?!”

"Only some and it’s the eyes. I think the swingy thingy is for like humans who don’t have the natural power that vampires have. But I don’t know it’s kind of cool to watch them do it, I don’t like how he can hypnotize me. Because sometimes the memory comes back and it’s scary." She was too busy rambling to notice his mood change. Her eyes focus suddenly and she was brought back to the real world. 

She blinked at the ghost, not sure why he was so upset. She frowned, “Don’t yell at me! I’m not the only reaper that could have told you this, nor the only ghost. Hell, you could probably have asked a demon and they would have told you. Did you ever ask anyone about this? Did you not get the dead hand book?”