The Beautifully Dead

"You are the beautiful lie and I'm the painful truth."

Death isn't meant to be beautiful or sugar coated. It is meant to be the only certain thing in your life. You will die whether you are a vampire or a dragon or a ghost or a reaper. In the end you have to die.

However they come in pretty packages. But that's because they are swallow like humans. Sometimes they smile, sometimes they feel, sometimes they cry. But they always kill. Some do it because they have to. Some fight it. Most embrace it with a smile. They are all monsters in their way there. They are beautiful monsters. Do not be fooled by their sweet smiles and kind words or tiny bodies. They are all killers and in the end they will kill you. It's how God designed them.

Indie rp blog, OCs, multi character, multi ship. Muses and mun are of age or have bodies of age. nsfw and triggering on this blog, I try my hardest to tag it all.

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I don’t really blame her neither do i

which is weird because I adore him
as does Drake

October 21 2014, 11:57 AM

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Because he’s stupid idk he found her fun

well that’s adorable
Mubeenaa doesn’t like him much

October 21 2014, 03:34 AM

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……so wasn’t expecting that, at all
why does he miss her?

October 21 2014, 03:22 AM

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