Beautiful Death

"You are the beautiful lie and I'm the painful truth."

Death isn't meant to be beautiful or sugar coated. It is meant to be the only certain thing in your life. You will die whether you are a vampire or a dragon or a ghost or a reaper. In the end you have to die.

They come in pretty packages. But that's because they are swallow like humans. Sometimes they smile, sometimes they feel, sometimes they cry. But they always kill.

Some do it because they have to. Some fight it. Most embrace it with a smile.

They are all monsters in their way there. They are beautiful monsters. Do not be fooled by their sweet smiles and kind words or tiny bodies. They are all killers and in the end they will kill you.

It's how God designed them.

Indie rp blog, OCs, multi character, multi ship. Muses and mun are of age or have bodies of age. nsfw and trigging on this blog, I try my hardest to tag it all

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theyarealldeadinside: "Don't yell at me"(xaver & drake)



"Don’t be so stupid then. You really thought that I wouldn’t have a probably with you fucking other people? Really? Do you not know me? I got jealous when someone touched you by accident and then I ripped their fingers off. I am a jealous person! Tell me who it is so I can cut off their dicks and force feed it to them."

Xaver flinched back, and then moved a few steps away from the other male. Drake always said that he’d never hurt him, but…when he was talking like that Xaver just couldn’t help and be scared for his life. “Killing people isn’t right, Drake…please don’t kill anyone. I won’t do it again, I promise. Don’t hurt anyone. Please, do it for me.”

He watched Xaver step away from him. He knew the look of fear when he saw it. But it was foolish for it to be on Xaver’s face. He would never hurt Xaver. He just said that and it was a promise he would never go back on. “It may not be right, but it feels so good. Totally worth it.” He smiled, “Good, that’s all I wanted to here.” He smiled gently and beckoned Xaver to him, “I’m sorry that I scared you, sweetie. I just get jealous sometimes.”

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I was gonna be on last night but the wifi wasn’t working in my dorm
It’s working now
But I’m pretty sure I’ll be going somewhere soon

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